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To help you better understand what you should expect during your massage and spa therapy sessions, please take a few moments to review several "frequently asked questions" that Carrie has received, below.

"Where will my massage or spa therapy session take place?"
The majority of Carrie's massage sessions are offered at her office at 106 N. Court Street in uptown Marysville, one block north of the courthouse.
Click here for directions.

However, on-site chair massage is also available, if you would like to take advantage of receiving massage therapy at your home, office, or for any special occasion or event.
Click here for more on Carrie's on-site services.

"What is the treatment room like?"
Carrie's spacious treatment room is equipped with a comfortable, professional massage table, complete with a warming pad for those cooler autumn and winter days. High-quality Egyptian cotton linens & towels, soft lighting, relaxing music, and the gentle sounds of a flowing fountain will help to ensure a luxurious massage and spa experience.

"What kinds of products are used, and what are their benefits?"
Non-greasy, hypoallergenic massage creams and lotions are used for the massage sessions, helping to ensure that even those with the most sensitive skin will not have an adverse reaction to the products, which also help moisturize the skin.

Carrie's spa treatments incorporate several different types of products, depending on the service. An invigorating exfoliant begins many services, which stimulates circulation and removes dry, dead, and flaking skin to prepare the skin for soaking up the therapeutic benefits of the products that follow. Some services also include an application of a body mud. Creams, lotions, and body butters containing essential oils, like lavender and tea tree oil, can offer soothing aromatherapy and are often incorporated into Carrie's spa services.

"What will happen when I arrive for my treatment?"
Upon your arrival for your massage or spa treatment, Carrie will show you to the treatment room and then discuss your goals for your treatment. If it is your first session with Carrie, you will fill out a short intake form and review Carrie's policies and procedures, all of which takes between five and 10 minutes. Please mention all health issues and problem areas that you have, including all medications you are taking and all allergies you may have. Carrie can best meet your needs if she understands them. Carrie will then leave the massage room to allow you to prepare for your session in privacy and will knock before re-entering the room, to be sure you are ready.

"Is there anything special I should wear for my massage or spa treatment?"
Not particularly. In fact, for massage sessions, Carrie will ask you to undress to your level of comfort, which means different things to different people. While it is policy that you leave your underwear on, it is preferred that you remove your bra, as this makes the shoulders and back more accessible for massage. However, should you feel at all uncomfortable about removing your bra or any other item of clothing, please be assured that your modesty and privacy are of utmost importance and that an effective massage session can still be performed through clothing. Carrie has been thoroughly trained to keep you modestly draped at all times.

Please note, however, that if you are receiving an upper-body or full-body spa treatment, you will be required to remove your bra and all other clothing other than your underwear, so that the exfoliants, muds, and creams do not damage or stain your bra or other clothing. As with massage sessions, though, Carrie will ensure your modesty and privacy at all times and will keep you modestly draped.

"What happens during my massage or spa therapy session?"
If you are receiving a 30-minute massage, this session will typically include either an upper-body massage (head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and back), or a lower-body massage (legs, feet, and hips), depending on your needs and goals. If it is a 45-minute session or longer, Carrie will be able to perform an upper-body, lower-body, OR a full-body massage, again depending on your preferences and needs.

Spa therapies, on the other hand, differ a bit per service. You may wish to visit the
Spa Services page to review your treatment's description before your arrival. Carrie will apply a warmed exfoliant and/or body mud, removing each with warm, moist towels before applying the next product. Most spa services do not include a massage, unless it is added. However, each spa service does include a finishing treatment of a warm, hydrating lotion or body butter. The finishing treatment is smoothed over all areas that were exfoliated and/or wrapped in body mud, once these products have been removed with the warm towels.

During all sessions, Carrie will check with you frequently to make sure that the techniques and pressure being used are comfortable to you. And, when your session is over, you will be left to dress in privacy.
Please be advised that not all massage and spa techniques may be appropriate for all clients. There are also some situations in which any type of massage work is contraindicated (inadvisable), or in which a spa product should not be used (such as if you have a sensitivity or allergy to iodine). Situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and Carrie reserves the right to qualify and limit massage and spa techniques when deemed advisable.

"I had a massage once, and the therapist talked to me the whole time - so it wasn't very relaxing. What's your policy on this?"
Carrie strives to ensure that your session is as comforting and relaxing as possible, so you should feel free to take a little "mental vacation" during your treatment, lying quietly and breathing deeply. If you prefer to chat a little, that's OK, too; however, please remember that Carrie loves her work and never gets bored doing it, so you should not feel you have to talk if you don't want to. Carrie will take her cues from you and allow you to guide the conversation - if you wish to have one. The bottom line is this: This is your time and your session, so you should feel free to talk as little or as much as you want to. And, if there's ever anything Carrie can do to make your session more comfortable or relaxing, please let her know!

One of Carrie's main goals is to personalize your session so that your experience is a truly positive one!

Have further questions about what to expect?
Feel free to contact Carrie!

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